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School Family Education is another initiative of the Ministry of Community Development and Sports to bring Family Life Education to the masses. Atman Counselling and Training Consultancy is happy to be a community partner to promote this programme in schools.

Current Project - Atman Counselling and Training Consultancy is currently partnering Ping Yi Secondary School on this programme.


School Family Education (SFE) is one of the recommendations of Family Matters! Singapore (FM!S) (previously known as Public Education Committee on Family (PEC)).

SFE adopts a holistic family learning model - equipping parents with effective parenting skills and training them to be parent facilitators, helping school personnel to enhance their family life, and providing students with life skills training.

The parent-child relationship has much impact on the child's academic achievements and positive attitudes/behaviour, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic/racial background or parents education level


Atman Counselling and Training Consultancy will be happy to partner you to bring this programme to your school. We have been conducting many family enrichment programmes both in corporate organizations and educational institutions. We have designed marriage enrichment and parenting programmes that are values based, holistic and backed by strong understanding of the deep psychological needs in marriage and parenting.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about the School Family Education programme. You can contact us at atman@counsellingweb.com or Tel: 97843141.

Find out more at www.aboutfamilylife.org.sg .



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