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The Intimate Touch
Source: Where Health Begins, December 2002. Pg 19

Simple though it seems, many of us forget to touch our spouses when there are so many other things on our minds. Applying principles of aroma-psychology- a blend of aromatherapy and psychology- holistic counsellor Corrina Chua has one suggestion : Why not touch your partner with intimacy by giving them a massage? By AMBIGA RAJU

Corrina Chua demonstrated her touch-for-intimacy massages at Luv Buffet, a highlight of the Marriage Specials held two months ago. The activity-filled family-life education programmes were organised by the Ministry of Community Development and Sports. At her workshop, she taught how hand, leg, head or full body massage can help couples to bond.

  1. First, get the partner into the mood by setting up a quiet corner where no one will disturb you for at least an hour. Use a scrub to exfoliate the skin. Cream get absorbed faster and better on fresh, new layers of skin.
  2. Try out several aromatherapy oils, massage creams and lotions before you and your partner agree on which one to use. Scent are personal and even though you may like one today, you might be in a different mood tomorrow, and may prefer another: Anyway, there's no harm in trying out different creams and lotions to enhance the experience of a massage.
  3. As you rub her slowly with the oil, always make motions towards the heart to increase blood circulation. So, if you're doing a hand massage, make sure you make upward motions from the wrist to the elbow.
  4. Never break the bond once you've started with the massage. Rest your partner's hands on your thigh if you have to reach out for more creams.
  5. End the massage of each area with small circular motions, kneading actions and some light taps on the hand.
  6. Make upward motions towards the heart again to 'return' the blood to the heart. This is especially important if you're giving your partner a leg massage. Never underestimate the power of the leg massage. It is an act of ultimate love for your partner and can melt even a stone heart.
  7. Once the process is over, let your partner give you a massage. Touching for intimacy is also about receiving a massage as much as it is about giving one.
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