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Atman Counselling and Training Consultancy believes that healing and development has to be holistic. We encourage all to tune in to themselves - mind, body and spirit to experience the self fully. We encourage you to try our alternative therapies and workshops.

 WORKSHOPS (4 hours)
  • Basic massage techniques for stress relieve.
  • Basic touch for health techniques for enhancing learning and concentration, and dealing with stress and anxiety.
  • Basic Touch for health techniques for muscle balance and improvement of general health (Two half day sessions).
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy and Aroma-psychology.
  • Introduction to herbal teas, their preparation and therapeutic effects.
  • Simple handy kitchen medicine for the family.

Call for an appointment. We have a team of trained therapists to provide the following services:

  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
  • Traditional Indonesian Massage
  • Muscle Balancing
  • Reflexology
  • Hand, Foot and Body Massage
We are constantly working with professionals and para-professionals both locally and globally to bring to you unique and state of the art therapies and the related workshops. Log-on to this website frequently for further details on the dates, times and venues of our future workshops.

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