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Lus Sutras was a fun filled, informative and experiential event to bond with your partner,
learn more about each other and learn to speak the language of couple.
It was held for Couples planning to get married and couples who are married for 1 to 5 years
on 17th October 2004 (Sun) at the Peninsula - Excelsior Hotel.

Couples get to pick and choose their own topics of interests from a wide spread
of topics or attend them all.

Portrayed interestingly in
the form of a sketch-play, couples learnt about the stages that they have to went through as a couple and the challenges and issues they face at each of the different stages. Couples experienced lots of fun, interaction, wit and humour!
Couples learnt and found out how males and females differ in interaction patterns and way of communication.
After all, "Men are from Mars and Women from Venus".
Can we ever meet?

It was a relaxing and enjoyable time where couples learnt how to pamper and rekindle their passion towards each other via sensual hand and head massage.

Sex and Intimacy. A topic that has intrigued man and woman since the beginning of time. It was an "Up Close and Personal" session with a doctor who specializes in topics concerning sex and fertility.

Often an unspoken topic between couples during romance, but a topic that pops up ever so frequently during marriage. Here couples learnt how to do joint financial planning as a couple and secure the future for themselves and their family.
This segment was especially for those planning to say "I Do".
They met with professional wedding planners who shared with them the Dos and Don'ts to look out for while planning for your Big Day.

It was a segment where by couples can let the "Picasso" in them out to play for an afternoon while they paint and drew on their partners' bodies and faces. A professional body-art and make-up artist was there to guide them in using the various state-of- the-art materials to create their own master pieces.
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