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Atman Counselling and Training Consultancysuccessfully organised "The Luv Buffet" on the 19th Oct 2002.   

"The Luv Buffet" was a highlight of Marriage Specials 2002 organized by Ministry of Community Development and Sports

Participants who attended the event experienced fun and thought-provoking interactive talks and hands-on activities that helped them bond as couples.

Highlights included talks on
· Keeping the fire burning in marriage past midlife
· The 20Rs of win-win life partnerships
· Becoming Balanced Couples

Activities to enhance intimacy for couples included
· creating their own unique “love potions”
· painting each other with henna
· massaging each other with creams and   scrubs

If "The luv Buffet" sounded interesting, please be informed that we run similar programmes from time to time. 

Please send us an e-mail if you are keen on receiving more information on our programmes. 

Thank you  

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