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HELD ON 26 th NOV 2005

Princess Elizabeth Primary School together with Atman Counselling and Training Consultancy organised an "Intergenerational Family Competition"on 26th November 2005 in conjunction with the Senior Citizens Week 2005. It was a half day event held at Princess Elizabeth Primary School .

The main aim of the competition was to encourage family members from three generations to engage each other in fun and meaningful activities.

Families had to put up a performance based on a chosen topic/theme. Teams were allowed to use one or more presentation methods such as skit, group song written by them, speech/stand up comedy and other methods subjected to organizers approval.

Teams were required to form a 3 member team comprising of 3 generations. E.g. grandparent, parent, and child. This competition was held in 3 languages, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Families exceeded out our expectations in their performances!

Well done families!

Exciting prizes and gifts were given to the winners and participating teams!

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