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"We enjoy warmth because we have been cold. We
appreciate light because we have been in
darkness. By the same token, we can experience
joy because we have known sorrow."

- David L.Weatherford -
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Welcome to Counsellingweb.com. This website is run by Atman Counselling & Training Consultancy, the first private establishment in Singapore to specialise in EAP services to provide responsive, caring and effective workplace support services to employees both within and without the organisation.

23 October 2010 – 13 November 2010
Enhances Parenting Workshop (10th run)
FLAIR 2010 "Supporting Multi-generational Workshop"
12 November 2010
Work-Life harmony has been generating a lot of buzz in Singapore...
Family First - Champions Meet
3 December 2009
A creative workshop for implementing family life education at your workplace.
21 March 2009
The ultimate couple challenge! Team up with your spouse as you race to complete exciting task in the heart of Singapore.
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